I am truly grateful to you for your visit here and hope to have memorable moments throughout your visit. Dive into this huge ocean and catch fishy things about me.

About me

I'm an Engineering Student, who spends his spare time designing things.

A Web Designer with unhealthy interest in Programming.

Doing Master Of Technology in VIT University.

That's it for now.

What I do

Director of Board

Tamil Literary Association
VIT University

Local Guide

Maps and Navigation
Google Inc.

So on.

Little more bit about me

I feel sorry for people who read this :)

The day I was born, the nurses wept in despair, for they knew they would never see a child such as I again.

In 2018 I was rude, bad tempered and obnoxious. In 2019, I am planning to be the same

Everyone who knows me can be divided into two groups: those who like me and those who still don’t know me.

Oh shit, I forgot to go to the gym today…. And that is already 21 years in a row this happens to me.


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